Fear of rejection

I keep many notes and often write long replies to my contacts. But I shudder every time somebody mentions that I should publish my writings. The reason is simple, I never feel that (1) what I write is good enough and (2) how I'm writing them is good enough.

But today I found this article

When I first decided that I was going to go all in on being a writer, I’d already wanted to be a writer for twenty years. Am I willing to write this story, even though it might not sell? Am I willing to accept that what I’ll get from this experience is just that — experience?

And this line hit the hardest

I have been waiting for myself to be ready for years too. 

The impulse was always there and I'll start typing only to shelve them away. I want to be more comfortable with putting my thoughts out so I'll post some scraps here every now and then.


A lesser fool

In 2019 I bought a photographic journal titled 'What Matters' by David Cohen.

It highlights dangerous issues like heavy metal poisoning of Lithium battery recycling where child labor is common. It's an invisible price shouldered by those who had no choices to make a living. The problem also only get worse with increasing demand for electrical appliances. This is while Lithium-based storage is still the only viable option to achieve clean energy goals with lowest risk of combustion. 

Choosing to turn away from the fear of complexities trap people in constant paralysis. But at the same time we're too prone to rely or seek an unrealistic silver bullet solution where everybody could be happy. Over time I realized that between being crippled with decision or plainly dumb, I'd choose to be the lesser fool who is at least willing to take small steps toward the outcome I desired despite the potential setbacks. So I did a small thing starting with some donations.

To those of you who're reading this, please consider donating to audited charities listed in GiveWell's website.