Fear of rejection

I keep many notes and often write long replies to my contacts. But I shudder every time somebody mentions that I should publish my writings. The reason is simple, I never feel that (1) what I write is good enough and (2) how I'm writing them is good enough.

But today I found this article

When I first decided that I was going to go all in on being a writer, I’d already wanted to be a writer for twenty years. Am I willing to write this story, even though it might not sell? Am I willing to accept that what I’ll get from this experience is just that — experience?

And this line hit the hardest

I have been waiting for myself to be ready for years too. 

The impulse was always there and I'll start typing only to shelve them away. I want to be more comfortable with putting my thoughts out so I'll post some scraps here every now and then.