Maximizing momentum

Newton's law of conservation of momentum (P = m * v) could interestingly be applied to how companies are operating:

  1. Heavy and fast: 1,000 people, CAGR of 100% (a warship)
  2. Heavy and slow: 1,000 people, CAGR of 10% (an ocean liner)
  3. Light and fast: 10 people, CAGR of 100% (a submarine)
  4. Light and slow: 10 people, CAGR of 10% (a yacht)

There is an undeniable strength in number (of people), but it also breed processes and standardization that causes reduced velocity over time. The baseline impact of companies the equivalent to an ocean liner will still be huge, but it'll mostly come from their mass alone at that point. 

Some unicorns at Indonesia are pretty much just cruise ships at this point.