When the world turned into chaos, what did you not do?

It’s 2040 and a group of kids asked you to recount stories from when the world faced its biggest challenge ever 20 years ago. It was the modern dark period with history books being rewritten to include the massive number of people who died.

They pushed you for an answer: “What happened? Where were you?”

You survived. Or maybe you are crippled now, but kids ask the most straightforward questions.

"When the world turned into chaos, what did you not do?"

I'm afraid that my answer would amount to a mere “I didn’t do anything”.

“Were you all right?”

I was fine. I’m not entirely sure about other people, but there are many people who find it hard to survive.

"Did you do your part? What was your role?"

I’m not sure. I tried helping indirectly, but I don’t think it’s enough. I didn't do everything in my capacity to really think about it.

I sincerely wish I won’t disappoint myself when this conversation actually take place.