Torrent as dynamic knowledge retention model

It probably resembles how information get passed to each other in earlier days.

And even as of right now.

The more peers and people who make themselves available to transfer information.

The faster the transfer speed goes.

Unless you can automate the part and make a central repo where the information is always readily available even without people.

Then discord or other immediate chat platform serve as the more transient just-in-time knowledge exchange.

This probably raise the question how many percent of the world are chronologer? As in, people who expend efforts to record things. Harder things especially. Because when you think about it, an experimentation means nothing if they’re not diligently recorded down or published so that other people can access them.

And in that way, any action of writing carries as much weight as writing research paper. Good note taking is that important.

Probably transferable to PRDs too.