Thinking in queue

Back in 2012, the first time I learned how to ice skate a friend told me to “don’t think just do”

I am no stranger to the overthinking trap. But sometime, rarely, I get into a flow where I just do things without questioning it beforehand. The best mental representation to describe it is when I have a clear picture of a “queue”. It was when the only things that matter in my head is the task at hand. Like, this morning I was dreading the clean up from yesterday’s dinner, but the moment I started doing the least to scrap the rice off the plates then I entered the flow.

I washed everything in the sink, cooked some rice, swept the floor, folded some clothes, made my bed, open up mail packages, fixed a hole in the cupboard, ordered food, opened windows for ventilation, and finally, writing this post. All this without a plan beforehand. All this accomplished under half an hour.

It's a great morning.