A missing link

What does it take to bring an idea to reality?

The bottom line is it requires building to some degree, thus execution

How idea manifest to concrete form, maybe the reason why I like design back then

Will your ideas to live, those that you can see

Maybe now I'm a lot more capable to will the abstract to come out

There's a difference between the level of imagination I was capable of before and now

But the capability to dream more does not go hand in hand with what's able to be produced by a single person anymore

Many times it requires more people, a team even.

The idea person who can execute

Was natural before, but increasingly this role

No longer feels like creator, or perhaps maybe not even one in the first place?

Roles I've undertaken as I'm aware of them

  • Observer; 
  • Influencer; 
  • Doer;

But I'm missing the creator roles and others that might have been more prominent back in the past.

Will update the post with more thoughts.