On dreams

I have a friend who gains a new dream every month. He has plenty of inspiration on how he wants his life to be.

I happen to dream almost everyday, but these are actual state of unreality that occur in my sleep.

I find it hard to actually keep a dream (read: aspiration) but effortlessly produce over-realistic hallucination.

Does this mean I simply lack the desire that others keep to fuel their actions?

Does this mean I'm stuck with reorganizing my thoughts over past events?

That instead of imagining how life could be in my favor, I think of how life should not be hard.

And instead of imagining how easy things could be, I think of how things should not be inconvenient.

I learn from a reverse inference of things I should avoid compared to what I'm trying to seek.

Which requires an initial exposure to variations and a framework to streamline the information.

The variance often comes with a cost, while the framework needs to be acquired.

So I should increase the sample, decrease the expenditure, and try different models.

This is my limitation and strength: I don't dream. I form conjectures.

Incapable of dreaming, I need to experience more to dream within.