Moving from novelty to mundaneness

Given the chance, it's perfectly normal for people to chase novelty out of the sense of curiosity. And given how most activities don't last very long, it's also perfectly sensible to try out different things for variety.

But looking at it another way, perhaps only activities that translate well into mundanity are the ones that are going to stick in the long term. The term 'mundanity' might be stretching it too much, but perhaps what I really meant are things that are still fun 10, 100 or 1,000 times later as we discover the variations within it.

Like, running is inherently a super repetitive exercise. But who you run with, where you run, how you run or the reason you're running itself make all the differences. They keep things fresh and allow one to continuously place one's foot forward without being burdened by the boredom.