Meaningful acquisitions

I like the dopamine rush from getting featured rare units at gacha games, but digital collectibles aren't meaningful on their own. The experience itself felt novel but they hold almost no substances. They don't make you feel something like Nier Automata that lasts for a good while and is thought provoking.

So each time I picked a new gacha game, I will figure out the mechanic within weeks, play them for months and proceed to forget about them in a year. These games are fleeting. The players are fleeting. And that fleetingness is perhaps also what drew people to try them in the first place. It's low on commitment before players are hooked to come back for more. Progression then follow a repetitive and necessary daily grind which really is just some chore on top of work.

The only meaningful thing that I got from it is perhaps the abject understanding of game theory models that enslaved me for years.