Pains are subjective.

Anybody who have ever gotten a brace before would have gotten a blister too somewhere within their process of adjusting their teeth.

It could be from the new bite, or usually from the wires and metals that are in your mouth.

With the inner side of your month getting in contact with them consistently, it scratches and stabs the tender organ consistently.

And this is not even counting the times when the dentist wrongly snapped their tool with their small scalpel, causing bleeding inside.

What's interesting is how, after undergoing all that struggles, a new bristle after it won't exactly trigger a huge reaction.

Blisters used to be really scary for me as a kid.

Because it affects any parts of your activity. 

It hurts when you drink water. It hurts when you eat anything.

It hurts when you talk. It hurts when you are lying down to sleep.

But blisters after the entire process of brace become much less scarier.

And at a certain point, given enough prompt by people around you, it becomes a symbol of twisted pride instead.

Where your pain become a weird identity you tell other people. 

Or even, as a device to undermine others' experience about their own blisters.

Especially those that didn't have braces.

"You won't know how much it hurt for me back then".

It completely steal the stage from the person who's currently hurting.

To highlight your own pain. And to push your story forward.

And these pains let you bond with people who have similarly went through the same thing.

Or even masquerade as one with the same description that matches yours.

It's a story of shared struggle, even if you're not entirely sure how their experience went.